INVISIBLES is a project of Visual Artist Laura Lucia Serrano, which seeks to create inclusive visual and tactile pieces on a selection of endangered animals of Colombia, to explore the possibility of generating a pleasant experience in the user, which leads to develop a sense of identity, belonging and awareness with our wildlife.
At the same time, it is proposed to reduce the barriers of access and distribution of visual and tactile content about our wildlife for people with or without visual impairment, by generating digital files to be shared, printed and modified according to particular needs or purposes.
Therefore, the pieces of this project are digital, tangible and inclusive, understanding the concept of inclusion as "a process that fosters social interaction between people with different socially relevant attributes or an impersonal institutional mechanism of opening access to participation in all spheres of social life". Hilary Silver (2015)
So far, visual and tactile content has been developed on five endangered species of Colombia. It is expected that the project will continue to grow in number of species, and that people will get involved by creating pieces from the files provided in the workshops and downloads available on the website and replicating experiences in different places.
If you want to be part of or contribute to this project, visit our How can you contribute? section or send us a message.
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